Портал славистики

Kempgen's linguistic bibliography

This Linguistic Bibliography contains about 17.000 records relating to Slavic Linguistics and Slavic Culture with focus on East- and South Slavic Regions. The list of subjects is located here.

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1Clustering and Classification: Background and Current Directions
Sokal, R.R. - in: Classification and Clustering, New York (1977) 1-15
2Classification of Intervocalic Clusters
Saporta, S.; Olson, D. - in: Language (1958) 261-278
3Frequency of Consonant Clusters
Saporta, S. - in: Language (1955) 25-30
4Fallstudien Cluster-Analyse
Späth, H. (Hg.) - München, Wien, R. Oldenbourg, 1977
5Cluster-Analyse-Algorithmen zur Objektklassifikation und Datenreduktion. Mit 21 FORTRAN-Subroutinen, 15 Hauptprogrammen, 36 Ergebnistafeln, 13 Tabellen, 48 Bildern
Späth, H. - München, Wien, R. Oldenburg, 1975, 217 p.