Портал славистики

Kempgen's linguistic bibliography

This Linguistic Bibliography contains about 17.000 records relating to Slavic Linguistics and Slavic Culture with focus on East- and South Slavic Regions. The list of subjects is located here.

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1Zur Betonung des Partizips Präterium Passiv im Russischen
Tornow, S. - in: Sprache in der Slavia und auf dem Balkan, Wiesbaden (1993) 289-300
2A Note on the Accentual Patterns of Russian Nominal Declension
Halle, M. - in: Studies in General and Oriental Linguistics, presented to Shiro Hattori on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, Tokyo (1970) 167-174
3Der russische Akzent. Morphologische Funktion und Prädikabilität beim Substantiv
Neweklowsky, G. - in: Wiener Slav. Almanach (1980) 267-272